[tei-council] ticketing status

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Thu Dec 8 12:35:32 EST 2011

I think that we need to understand that *some* of these are 
blocking of a release, whereas other ones (particularly ones 
which could be characterised as 'generally improve Guidelines 
prose') aren't release blocking.

I think Laurent as current (but outgoing) chair should set the 
release date, and potentially be the person who makes it (with 
able assistance from other council members).


On 08/12/11 16:25, Lou Burnard wrote:
> As we approach countdown to the next release (this week?) I thought it
> might be helpful to make another quick pass through all the open or
> pending tickets on sourceforge, to see which ones might get closed
> before the release. I found only about thirty open or pending tickets,
> which means Council members have already dealt with a very large
> proportion of the actions identified in Paris.
> There follows the list as of this morning, rather cheekily grouped by
> the person to whom they were assigned.  In many cases, most of the
> work has already been done, and a little action or check is all that
> is needed to close the ticket. In most cases, any needed action is
> fully specified in the ticket commentary. I am happy to take on any
> that people wish to renounce!
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3304622 invalid xml:lang= values
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3060867 Grouping traitlike, statelike, and
> eventlike elements
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3432520 Introduce standard attributes to refer to
> ISOCat
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3223636 @xml:space vs. CDATA for blocks of code
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3285020 irregularities in<gram>  syntatic sugar
> variants
> ASSIGNED TO epierazzo
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3115238 altIdentifier in msPart
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3293316 Move witStart et al. to
> model.milestoneLike
> ASSIGNED TO gabrielbodard
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/2859355<subst>  should permit textual data
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/2925145 Generic dating class
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3393244 simplify content model of<subst>  to add
> and del only
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3293070 enhancement of notes and examples in
> ref-del
> ASSIGNED TO jcummings
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3051750 choice of schema language when using the TEI
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3064182 Check desc of all xs:anyURI atts for
> in-doc restrictions
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3435326 deprecated tickets should be
> accessible from website
> ASSIGNED TO kshawkin
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3369109 cleanup of section 3.11
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/2493417<idno>  coverage
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3041605 update list of Council members
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3270162 profileDesc: one or more catRef
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3305016 make<graphic>  available within<table>
> and ...
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3064014 provide suggested values for rs at type
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3376456 deprecate use of gram except as a
> child of gramGrp
> ASSIGNED TO louburnard
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3147225 New element<spGrp>
> ASSIGNED TO nobody
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/2834511 Add more elements to att.spanning with
> schematron constraint
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3432216 i18n revision due
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3426631 two language options?
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3118435 classes in interleave mode and
> cardinality membership.
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3290834 memberOf with cardinality restrictions
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3309894 Encoding RDF relationships in TEI
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3415801 Allow modification of attributes
> belonging to a class
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3423686 an<object>  element
> ASSIGNED TO romary
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3258912 clarification of<colloc>
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3046288 allow f to contain pcdata
> http://purl.org/tei/fr/3434990 require minimum of two lines or lg
> inside lg
> ASSIGNED TO stuartyeates
> http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3289073|many missing references in guidelines

Dr James Cummings, InfoDev,
Computing Services, University of Oxford

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