[tei-council] xml:lang="eng"

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Thu Dec 8 12:34:55 EST 2011

On 08/12/11 17:25, Paul F. Schaffner wrote:

> Yeah, I know -- we opted to use MARC rather than ISO639-2 for TCP.
> But we also allow multiple values (again as in MARC), which is
> a more fundamental reason we can't readily convert our @lang to
> @xml:lang, so the code question is largely academic anyway. But
> inquiring minds like to know...

as an inquiring mind, may I ask : what does it mean if you assign 
multiple values?

<p marc:lang="en fr"> would mean bits of the p are in english and other 
bits in french? or all of it is in franglais?

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