[tei-council] xml:lang="eng"

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Thu Dec 8 12:18:29 EST 2011

On 12/8/2011 12:14 PM, Paul F. Schaffner wrote:
> Am I right in thinking that the MARC language codes (the original
> source of the ISO 639-2 3-letter code list) remains the standard
> for MARC records?

Almost.  There are slight differences between the MARC list and ISO 
639-2 Part 2.  See


> And that those of us who depend on a lot of
> back-and-forth TEI<->MARC interchange will probably find it
> most convenient to continue to use those codes throughout our
> files? If so, would we be better served by continuing to use
> @lang rather than @xml:lang?

@lang was eliminated in P5, which indeed complicates this use case.

 > Or is there a lossless 'crosswalk'
> out there somewhere?

Thutmose ( http://wiki.tei-c.org/index.php/Thutmose ) would in theory 
handle conversion between the two, but I haven't tried it or inspected 
the source code to verify.

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