[tei-council] containers of <relation>

Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Tue Dec 6 13:33:53 EST 2011

Apologies, I should of course have looked at <gi>listRelation</gi> not 
<gi>relationGrp</gi>, but the list* elements have the disadvantage of 
not being in the index next to their contents. ;-)

My question was not about why listRelation is almost universally 
available, however, but why <gi>relation</gi> isn't. Since we have 
approved changes base don a desire to allow @active (yuk) and @passive 
(yuk) to point to all sorts of URI-addressable elements, not just 
persons and places, why should we not by the same token make relation a 
bit more widely available?

Lou thinks the current state of affairs is correct. Anyone else have 


On 2011-12-05 19:41, Lou Burnard wrote:
> On 05/12/11 18:48, Gabriel Bodard wrote:
>> Quick thought: we've recently redefined<relation>   to enable it to be
>> used more broadly than originally conceived, added attributes,
>> definition, etc., but it still is only allowed in list* elements.
>> (relationGrp on the other hand is more widely available). Does anyone
>> thing we should make relation available more widely as well?
>> Why, for example, would we allow relationGrp in p, or seg, but not relation?
> <relationGrp>  is a member of model.biblLike, as is<listRelation>  which
> has now replaced it. This means it is available as part of
> macro.paraContent as well as other places referencing model.bibLike in
> their content. I am not convinced that this is a good thing.
> <relation>  is not a member of any class, so it will only be available
> where it is specifically named in a content model, i.e. within the
> various list{Event|Org|Person|Nym} elements (which probably should
> constitute a class, but don't at present). listRelation is also
> available in those same places. This seems correct to me.

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