[tei-council] Jenkins errors: who gets notified

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Tue Dec 6 11:37:53 EST 2011

On 06/12/11 16:28, Martin Holmes wrote:
> I've added some extra explanation about the Jenkins servers and how to
> use them to help you figure out problems to:
> <http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/Council/Working/tcw20.xml#body.1_div.4>
> Does this file belong in the repo somewhere as well, by the way?

That's an interesting question. It's in the website repository (open 
CMS) of course. If you wanted to move it to the SF repository, there is 
a directory there called Documents which might be used for such things. 
But then you wouldn't get it automatically rendered into HTML And we'd 
keep forgetting which version was the master version.

On balance, I think I prefer the status quo -- especially as one day we 
may see progress towards a replacement for Open CMS.

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