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Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Thu Dec 1 17:58:10 EST 2011

This looks great to me. I say go for it, and make your changes to 


On 11-12-01 02:42 PM, Brett Barney wrote:
> This ticket (suggesting the revision of what is currently the last
> paragraph of 4.3.2) was assigned to me in Paris as a sort of cream puff to
> initiate me into the implementation regime. I've posted the version below
> as a comment in the ticket, but since time is dwindling before the
> scheduled release I thought it good to also post here and ask for feedback.
> I also realized a moment ago that when I originally sent this message about
> 5 hours ago I sent it to the wrong address. Sorry.
> Thank you, James, for getting my permissions worked out. And really big
> thanks, Kevin, for patiently coaching me through the process in real time
> yesterday.
> Thanks,
> Brett
> ---------------------
> <p>It is important to distinguish between the uses of<gi>floatingText</gi>
> and<gi>quote</gi>. Whereas the semantics of<gi>quote</gi>  suggest that
> its content derives from a source external to the current text,
> <gi>floatingText</gi>  carries no such implication and is simply used
> whenever the richer content model that it provides is required to support
> the markup of a part of a text that is presented as a discrete "inclusion."
> In some cases, such inclusions could be considered external (e.g.,
> enclosures, attachments, etc.); often however, as in the examples above,
> the included text bears no signs of emanating from outside.</p>
> <p><gi>floatingText</gi>  and<gi>quote</gi>  may be used in combination. For
> a text with rich internal structure that is quoted at length,
> <gi>floatingText</gi>  might be used within<gi>quote</gi>. Also, like a
> unitary text,<gi>floatingText</gi>  may include one or more quoted
> sections, each marked with a<gi>quote</gi>  element.</p>

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