[tei-council] Responses to Primary Sources #2 (up to the end of 11.3.5)

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Thu Dec 1 12:17:07 EST 2011

Actually, Lou's original message went just to me -- which is what 
annoyingly happens when you hit Reply instead of Reply All, a mistake I 
make all the time. I directed my reply back to the list because I wanted 
to bring others in on it.  My judgement was that his responses to my 
other points were uncontroversial, so I only pulled out the one part in 
my reply.


On 11-12-01 08:18 AM, Lou Burnard wrote:
> On 01/12/11 16:10, Brett Barney wrote:
>> BTW, this exchange seems to have started off-list, as I can't find
>> either of the earlier messages. That creates a bit of challenge to
>> retracing the conversation, at least when bits have been redacted.
>> Probably not good for the integrity of the listserv archive, besides, right?
> Sfaics, this exchange started on list with a message from Martin on
> 25/11, to which I then responded on 28/11 --  I am not aware of any
> other messages on the topic.

Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
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