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Well. To my view a lot has already been done with TEI by example and I would clearly see the advantage to provide material that would bring more people to the stage where they can actually manipulate the TEI framework. Maybe I went to far with SF-SVN, but an ODD focused set of educational materials would allow more people to understand how much the idea of customization is central to the TEI. This would show various customization scenarios (cf. my pedagogical strip-tease): basic subsetting, changing content models (attribute, elements), adding objects, integrating a non TEI module. Possible workflows to produce schemas and documentations (from OxGarage to command line...).


Le 28 nov. 2011 à 10:57, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :

> On 28 Nov 2011, at 09:47, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> Compiling one single document with all technical steps that a council member should master (with at each step, concrete examples). SF, SVN, etc. We already have a lot, but by going through all step he may put together a resource that could be used without having a wizard at hand and probably intended for a wider community of people who could give a technical hand in maintaining the guidelines.
> not impossible. but does that really benefit the larger community?
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