[tei-council] Question about rendering of guidelines pages

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sat Nov 26 12:57:25 EST 2011

On 24 Nov 2011, at 17:47, Martin Holmes wrote:

> [...]
> The issue that bothers me is the appearance of the link to "11.1 Digital 
> Facsimiles" at the end of the <facsimile> line. It's superfluous, 
> because the link actually appears inside the section it's linking to. 
> Would it be possible to check whether that's the case, and prevent the 
> link from being created in this situation?
I thought I would fix this quickly, but it turns out to be hard.

starting from specList/specDesc, I head over to the specified
element and ask for its description (which includes cross-refs). Trouble
is, I do the same thing when making a reference page. So I cannot
tell when I get there what the context is. Of course, I could rewrite
it all to pass a message about how one got there, but that will involve some

how important do people think it is to sort out the anomaly?

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