[tei-council] Consistency in attribute values

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Fri Nov 25 01:07:23 EST 2011

Two answers on this:
- organisation issuing their identifiers should have a policy concerning the way they appear (OTA should know whether they're OTA or ota, not us)
- I definitely think that idno/@type="URL" (or "url") is bad practice. Either there is an identifying scheme behind the URL and is has to be quoted (like the HAL URIs in my favourite publication archive - e.g. http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00390966) or it is simply a ref

Le 25 nov. 2011 à 02:34, Martin Holmes a écrit :

> I've been looking at how the Guidelines exemplify the use of various 
> attributes, in the interests of showing a more consistent set of 
> practices, even where these don't extend to recommendations. Looking at 
> idno/@type, we have this list:
> Bod
> cbeta
> LT
> oldCat
> ota
> url
> Wing
> The obvious question for me is whether we want to adopt a standard 
> policy on capitalization here; it seems odd to have "OTA" next to "ota" 
> and "URL" next to "url". Do we have any preference here?
> Cheers,
> Martin
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