[tei-council] Question about rendering of guidelines pages

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Thu Nov 24 12:47:57 EST 2011

Hi there,

I'm just reviewing the Primary Sources thing, and I noticed something 
I've noticed before in a couple of places. This is mainly for Sebastian 
where it concerns implementation, but others might comment on the 
desirability or otherwise of what I'm suggesting.

Where elements are listed like this in the XML:

<specDesc key="facsimile"/>
<specDesc key="sourceDoc"/>
<specDesc key="surface"/>
<specDesc key="surfaceGrp"/>
<specDesc key="zone" atts="points"/>

we see output like this:

<facsimile> contains a representation of some written source in the form 
of a set of images rather than as transcribed or encoded text. 11.1 
Digital Facsimiles <== THIS IS A LINK.

<sourceDoc> contains a transcription or other representation of a single 
source document potentially forming part of a dossier génétique.
surface defines a written surface as a two-dimensional coordinate space, 
optionally grouping one or more graphic representations of that space, 
zones of interest within that space, and transcriptions of the writing 
within them.


The issue that bothers me is the appearance of the link to "11.1 Digital 
Facsimiles" at the end of the <facsimile> line. It's superfluous, 
because the link actually appears inside the section it's linking to. 
Would it be possible to check whether that's the case, and prevent the 
link from being created in this situation?

Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
(mholmes at uvic.ca)

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