[tei-council] signed/list

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Sat Nov 19 16:12:22 EST 2011

On 19/11/11 20:30, Kevin Hawkins wrote:

> Still, even with a narrow definition of<signed>  that said to use this
> for only names of people signing, I don't see why we wouldn't allow
> people to include an embedded<list>  with an<item>  around each name.  I
> realize the content model wouldn't be as elegant as use of
> model.nameLike, as Lou proposed, but I don't see how we could justify
> not allowing<list>  here.

There is a difference between "signed by Kevin Barry Cholmondeleye 
Smythe Benkins Hawkins" (one person) and "signed by  Kevin Barry 
Cholmondeleye Smythe Benkins Hawkins" (three people), right?

I can see a case for allowing <list> inside <signed> in  either case 
(though it makes more sense in the first).  I really think we ought to 
decide whether the second case requires three <signed> elements or 
<one>. The Guidelines are ambiguous on this point, and it is therefore 
up to us to clarify them -- this is not a P6 issue, it's something where 
the Guidelines are currently under specified or confusing, what we might 
even call "A Bug". My recommendation is not to change the  content model 
but to clarify the way the existing content model should be used.

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