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Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Sat Nov 19 08:26:08 EST 2011

Hi Paul

On 19/11/11 00:02, Paul F. Schaffner wrote:

>    -- to be honest, the 'narrow' definition just doesn't make
>       any sense to me, for reasons I have explained before,
>       and virtually impossible to apply.

I'm curious as to what makes you say that, and apologetic for having 
forgotten your previous explanation. It seems to me to make good sense 
to distinguish that part of a closing formula which contains the 
signature itself from that part which is the formulaic phrase or 
salutation associated with it. The fact that there are several examples 
in the Guidelines in which this  distinction is clearly made perhaps 
suggests your assertion that it is "virtually impossible" to apply  may 
be a little unfair. In what way is (for example)
>      <salute>Yours more than my own,</salute>
>      <signed>Clarissa Harlowe</signed>
>     </closer>

inconsistent with "the facts on the ground" ?

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