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I don't feel at ease seeing a profusion of typed equivalences to stage (hi/@type='stage', head/@type='stage') which may just lead encoders to confusions and hinder transparent interchange of such construct. In the TEI ontology stage has of course been naturally issued from the drama domain but can as well be used at any place where the object at hand +is+ a stage direction (that's why we call these things didacalies in French, they trace the presence of a master of ceremony in the flow of the text; a play being just a big bunch of stage directions, by the way)

Le 19 nov. 2011 à 00:48, Paul F. Schaffner a écrit :

> On Fri, 18 Nov 2011, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> I am warming to
>> <head> act 2: <hi rend="stage">Sarah speaks</hi></head>
> I suspect I'm missing something in all these questions. I mean:
> <stage>, <bibl>, and <q> are all allowed within <head> now, right?
> As they have been since at least P3? Is the issue how to
> style them when they actually appear there?
> (The only changes I recall making to <head> were two: (1) allow
> it to contain <l>; and (2) in the interests of symmetry, redefine
> <trailer> so that it had the same (or similar?) contents as <head>.
> The first in the certainty that many heads were in verse; the
> second out of a general desire for elegance and the assumption
> that anything appeared in a head could also appear in a trailer.)
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