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Paul F. Schaffner PFSchaffner at umich.edu
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I haven't gone to look at the source, but this looks offhand
like someone falling between stools. We have, I know, been
uncertain how to tag the "spoken by xxxx" line often associated
with dramatic prologues and epilogues. The example you found
undoubtedly arises from this uncertainty.

Probably most are simply included in <head>
    <head>EPILOGUE. Spoken by Mrs. Barry.</head>

Some may be relegated to a subhead:
    <head type="sub">Spoken by Mrs. Barry.</head>

Some have been placed in <byline> tags, on the theory
that attribution of performance is a kind of attribution
of responsibility:
    <byline>Spoken by Mrs. Barry.</head>

And some may indeed have been placed in <stage> tags, on
the theory that the phrase is a kind of performance note
rather than truly part of the heading--even thought it is
usually typographically indistinguishable from the latter.

      <stage>Spoken by Mrs. Barry.</head>

So my guess is that someone thought that it quacked like
a head and walked like a stage and tried to have it both
ways by putting one within the other.


On Fri, 18 Nov 2011, Martin Holmes wrote:

> On 11-11-18 05:10 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> hands up who believes in this example from ECCO:
>   <div type="epilogue">
>          <pb facs="10" rend="none"/>
>          <head>EPILOGUE.</head>
>          <head>
>            <stage>Spoken by Mrs. BARRY.</stage>
>          </head>
> can a<head>  contain a<stage>?

I think it would be reasonable to assume that there must be some 
typographical evidence to justify this. Perhaps the stage direction is 
rendered in the same font as the EPILOGUE bit, whereas the rest of the 
scene is in a smaller font? Failing that, it seems a bit perverse to me.


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