[tei-council] sp/table, arising from ECCO

Paul F. Schaffner PFSchaffner at umich.edu
Fri Nov 11 16:48:49 EST 2011

>> you can imagine a speech where someone reads out a list?

> Of course. As we mentioned in our discussion, there's the shipping 
> forecast, the football results, the list of products involved in a 
> product recall, and any number of other such examples.

I cannot find any at the moment (since my editor has locked up
and frozen the computer--probably hit its quota of 10,000 regex 
search/replaces per day...) but

(1) it's always a mistake to think of <sp> occurring only in
plays. There are lots and lots of things that use dramatic
conventions with little or no connection to actual drama.
E.g. very commonly, catechisms

   <p>What are the commandments of the first table?</p>
   <item>1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.</item>
   <item>2. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God
     in vain.</item>
   * * *

   I have also had the pleasure of editing treatises devoted to
   double-entry book-keeping and to ballistics, in just this
   kind of dramatic form, in which 'speeches' contained not
   only lists but tabular ledgers, mathematics, and ballistic

(2) that said, most of us simply wrap <list> and <table> in <p>
(within <sp>) in such circumstances.

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