[tei-council] ecco-related actions

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Wed Nov 9 03:05:54 EST 2011

Hi Sebastian,

The minutes say we did want to put <table> in:

5. Permit <floatingText> and table as direct children of <sp> (which 
would also align <sp> with <said>, which does allow those elements)

Council agreed that, since a letter can be read out by a speaker, and a 
letter is a <floatingText>, then <sp> should allow <floatingText>; the 
case for table is harder to make, especially since it can be avoided 
simply by wrapping the table in <sp>. SR could not find any examples of 
table in <sp> in ECCO, but found one of a sp/p/table, which looks quite 
convincing, and Council came to the view that table should be allowed. 
The Council's decision is that we want to allow both <floatingText> and 
table within <sp>, and a ticket should be raised and someone assigned to 
discover the best approach to this, since it's not immediately obvious.

Not sure how best to achieve it, though. Putting <floatingText> in 
model.qLike seems perfectly reasonable, but I don't think the same 
applies to <table>. <figure> gets into <sp> by being a member of 
model.global; perhaps we should add <table> to that?

[Ducks and covers...]


On 11-11-08 10:50 PM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I dont see an action coming out which will result in<floatingText>  and<table>  inside<sp>
> Can I suggest that<floatingText>  be made a member of model.qLike? it makes semantic
> sense, and provides the needed  facility.
> less clear about the table, was it agreed this should go in?
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