[tei-council] substJoin

Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 8 09:55:47 EST 2011

A couple of questions to you all in Paris re <substJoin>:

(1) is there any Council consensus on the naming of this element? As 
this is effectively semantic sugar for join[@result='subst'] (although 
the result would not be a valid subst), "substJoin" seems more explicit 
to me than LB's "combine", which seems a bit too generic (unless he 
meant substCombine aut sim.?). Instructions?

(2) Which of the <join> and/or <subst> attributes are needed in the new 
element? I'm currently giving it att.global, att.pointing and 
att.transcriptional. Does it also need @targets, @result and @scope? 
(I'm assuming not @result; I'm also dropping @targets because that's 
deprecated on join and it seems perverse to introduce it on a new element.)

(3) Presumably it should be in class model.pPart.editorial; should it 
also be in model.global.meta?

And one quick question about <subst>:

(4) Any suggestions for how to model the content model of subst, now 
that it can contain only add, del, and model.milestoneLike? Currently it 
is: ((transcriptional),transcriptional+) [which I take to mean at least 
two members of transcriptional]. Should we be saying something like: (a) 
two or more members of (add|del|milestone); (b) one or more (add|del) 
followed by optional milestone followed by one of (add|del); (c) 
something else?

Much obliged,


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