[tei-council] Travel

Stuart A. Yeates syeates at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 04:10:43 EST 2011

James has inquired as to whether I'm likely to attend to next two
meetings, I felt that that was a question that deserved a public


I don't think flying me to Europe for TEI Council meetings is value
for time and money.

Traveling from New Zealand to London takes about 24 hours and involves
a complete timezone inversion, which takes another 24 hours to adapt
to (yes, I know, under sufficient drugs / motivation it is possible to
get off the plane and be human, but it catches up eventually),
converting a three day meeting into a seven day trip. Flying from the
antipodes also costs an arm and leg. Traveling to Ann Arbor typically
takes longer than London (due to insane minimum connection times).

Most of the things I've done, and hope to do, with the TEI Council
aren't dependent on being physically at meetings. I feel that there
are better things that could be done with the money.

I'll also confess that I'm almost pathologically disorganised, which
doesn't help when planning or traveling on trips like this.

Of course, it may be that there is a feeling that the esprit de corps
of the council is improved by all meeting together. If that is the
case, send me a clear message that it is and I'll pull finger and burn
some of our collective money...


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