[tei-council] Implementing att.sortable

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Sun Nov 6 08:35:17 EST 2011

Apparently, although it shows the build of P5-Test as successful, it 
actually has an error:

"ERROR: specDesc: 
TEI[1]/text[2]/body[3]/div["DI"]/div["DIBO"]/p[6]/specList[7]/ refers to 
sortKey in att.entryLike, which does not exist"

I think I've fixed that now.

Looks like my hotel wifi is blocking access to port 8080, so I can't see 
the UVic Jenkins, just yours.


On 11-11-06 02:04 PM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 6 Nov 2011, at 12:54, Martin Holmes wrote:
>> Q1: Is it possible to make a model a member of an attribute class?
> No. This dual-purpose modelling used to exist in old ODD, but
> we explicitly broke the connection during the Class War.  Hard
> to reconstruct the thinking now, and you could certainly
> bring that into a melting pot for ODD^3
>> so I
>> concluded that this was not allowed or not implemented, and settled for
>> making each individual elementSpec a member of att.sortable.
> I agree, its sub-optimal, but that is what you have to do at present
>> Q2: list, listPerson, listxx et al are all members of model.listLike,
>> except for listChange and listRef. listChange, like the other members of
>> model.listLike, can nest; I don't see why it's not a member of
>> model.listLike. Is this just an omission?
> perhaps not. do you want listChange to appear all over the shop,
> which would be the result? well, possibly, but i don't think its simply
> an omission.
>> listRef also looks like a
>> candidate, except that it can't nest inside itself. Why can't it, when
>> other lists can?
> thats a fair point, for symmettry I suppose it should
> Jenkins seems to have liked your changes.
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