[tei-council] layers again

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Sat Oct 15 06:09:17 EDT 2011

I'm still hoping to get the genetic proposals integrated into the next 
release of P5, which means that I would like to resolve at least the 
naming issues which we had identified last time round.

I identify two issues.

First, the name of the elephant (the element which contains a genetic 
description) : the solution so far preferred is <sourceDocument> or 
<sourceDoc> I prefer the latter because we use "doc" in the same way in 
<docStatus>, <docAuthor> etc. so that's what I propose to implement.

Second, the name of the element used to describe a set of changes, and 
of the attribute used to point to them (stage, layer, changeSet...)

There are problems with all of these. Following discussion with 
geneticians and others here at the TEI MM, I now have a new proposal: we 
use the existing <revisionDesc>, No, hear me out.

1. <revisionDesc> as a child of <teiHeader> can contain either a <list> 
or multiple <change>s It records exactly the same kind of information as 
envisaged for <changeSetList> (or whatever it's called) but with 
reference to the encoded TEI document, rather than the documents 
represented in it.

2. The element <creation> inside <profileDesc> has already been 
identified as the location within the header for information about the 
genetic process. Permitting <revisionDesc> within that element would 
enable us to do so in a comparatively structured way, without the need 
to invent special new elements.

So the proposal is

a) make some minor changes to the wording of the existing <change> and 
<revisionDesc> elements and provide some new examples

b) change the content model of <profile> to include <revisionDesc>

c) add a new @change attribute, which can point to a <change> element

I like this idea a lot, and so does everyone I've discussed it with so 
far. It involves very little disruption and gets us a lot further forward.

Greetings from sunny Wuerzburg!

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