[tei-council] agenda items

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Tue Oct 4 07:51:33 EDT 2011

Certainly that  coincides with my view of what has been going on. I 
think Stormy would agree with me (but you never know) that this is 
exactly why we might want to mention Epidoc as exemplary members of the 
TEI community -- working from within to change the TEI for everyone's 
benefit as well as their own.

On 04/10/11 12:03, Gabriel Bodard wrote:
> On 2011-10-04 10:41, Lou Burnard wrote:
>>>        * all the small changes needed to bring Epidoc  fully conformant
>> this is an ongoing process I believe!
> Perhaps I'm being over-sensitive about this formulation, but technically
> EpiDoc has been "fully conformant" for a couple of years now, since we
> first generated a P5 version of our schema which was, and has always
> since been, a clean subset of tei-p5-all.
> There is an ongoing effort, however, to make sure our usage is 100%
> conformant, which is somewhere in between what (a) a project goes
> through in negotiation with the TEI, and (b) what TEI goes through in
> negotiation with its community. In other words, the users of various
> EpiDoc projects come to us (EpiDoc) with requests for advice and/or
> changes to the schema, and we first try to persuade them to use the
> schema as is. In some cases, where they have a use-case that we don't
> currently cater for, we (EpiDoc) go to the TEI and try to make the case
> that we need to cater for this. Obviously then we (TEI) try to persuade
> us (EpiDoc) to use the schema as is...
> This may be more that we need to know for the Council report, but that's
> my view of things. Does that fit with what you were thinking,
> Stormageddon and Lou?
> G

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