[tei-council] P5 source, modifying class atts at the base level.

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Sat Oct 1 13:17:07 EDT 2011

I like the metaphor here and agree with the argument. Again (my obsession) it goes in the direction of a more ontologically coherent spec for the TEI.

Le 1 oct. 2011 à 11:31, James Cummings a écrit :

> On 30/09/11 13:52, Martin Holmes wrote:
>>> In that world the tei module would define, as it does, the att.typed
>>> class.  The elementSpec for list would say "I'm a member of att.typed"
>>> by which it would gain @type and @subtype.  Then it would delete
>>> @subtype (list doesn't have @subtype), and customise the valList of
>>> @type to suggest values like ordered/bulleted/gloss. This way the same
>>> customization mechanism that is used in project ODDs is used in the base
>>> TEI ODD itself.
>> Wouldn't this result in a situation in which<list>  was a member of
>> att.typed, but didn't have @subtype? That would be seriously confusing,
>> wouldn't it?
> I'm a member of the University of Oxford Club (where coincidentally the 
> Class War meeting took place). This means I can go sit in the bar and 
> watch the cricket or go to lunch, or indeed use the exercise rooms or 
> sign up for an aerobics class. I do the first two of these but not the 
> second two, yet I am still a member of the club.
> My analogy, for Laurent, is that TEI Class membership, especially 
> attribute classes gives an element a menu of additional rights. It can 
> employ some or (by default) all of these if it wants, but it doesn't 
> stop it being a member of the club if it only uses some of them. I think 
> this is a more intellectually honest way to have a @type attribute than 
> define it again locally. We all *know* that it is the same as the 
> att.typed version, it has the same content model, its description is 
> almost identical, it just has some different suggested values. If we 
> define it again locally we are explicitly saying that this is 
> semantically different from the one in the att.type class...and I don't 
> think different suggested values truly change its semantics to this degree.
> -James
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