[tei-council] Licensing - ballot

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Sat Oct 1 06:27:21 EDT 2011

Note that treating our XSLT as software never precludes using code
snippets as illustration of coding techniques, etc. There's just a
separate general strategy for that, whether we call it 'fair use' or
something else.


On 01/10/11 12:16, Piotr Bański wrote:
> On 01/10/11 11:19, James Cummings wrote:
>> If I'm understanding correctly this means that the XSLT stylesheets will 
>> need to have both a CC+BY notice and the BSD-2 licence because when I 
>> grab them you don't know if I'm going to be using them as documentary 
>> examples of over modularisation in a book about XSLT programming, or 
>> whether I'm going to be running them.
> If this logic is followed closely, then any piece of code, whether C or
> assembler, is also documentation. I admit I don't share this view. I
> believe our XSLT/XProc code is software. And HTML is clearly
> documentation. The question is, what are schemas, and what is ODD. I'm
> sure we could give several arguments going in different directions.
> Perhaps doing that and eliminating some of these options could be the
> first take an an operative definition.

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