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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Sep 28 13:43:48 EDT 2011

On 28 Sep 2011, at 17:52, Lou Burnard wrote:

> Well, we'd all _like_ things to be nice and everyone to Do the Decent 
> Thing of course. But if you are deciding on a licencing policy I think 
> it should be quite explicit about what you consider to be right, not 
> just left unsaid because chaps don't talk about that sort of thing.

well, yes, and we consider that we want people to 
acknowledge the work and not claim it is their own. That's what
the BSD licence does.  I don't see whats bothering you, to be honest.

>> We _could_  just put it all in the public domain (CC0). Fine by me.
> I could live with that, but then I don't have a career to worry about.
I don't either, since no-one seems willing to give me a new job (any offers,
fellow Council members?); but if I wrote in my CV "I worked on the
TEI Guidelines and helped write chapter NN", and someone
said "but I don't see your name on the ersatz XTEIX over here",
I'd show them the version control history...

> Certainly that's true of the new bits of the hypothetical P6, but I 
> don't understand how the parts it inherits from P5 can be licenced more 
> restrictively.

if you've already grabbed a copy of P5, you can use it in perpetuity
under the licence. but if you haven't yet, and just grab P6, you
dont inherit the old P5 licence. we are not bound by our own
licence, remember.

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