[tei-council] TEI: questions for candidates and continuing committee members

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Tue Sep 27 12:27:55 EDT 2011

On 26/09/11 18:49, Lou Burnard wrote:
> Dear Piotr
> Thanks for sharing your comments here. I don't agree entirely with all 
> that you say, but I am very glad you've decided to share them with us. 
> Maybe others will follow your example.
> As you probably noticed, James has already posted his on his blog at 
> http://blogs.oucs.ox.ac.uk/jamesc/, and I took the liberty of adding my 
> own (much less well articulated) as a comment to that. But that's 
> probably not a very practical solution for the whole council!

Thanks, Lou. I answered these questions in a discussion mode rather than
statement mode (with apologies to the gods of PR), and thought that
exchange on these issues here might actually be interesting (not on the
weaselly issues but on the practical/technical issues, I mean), and
potentially beneficial. For example, thanks for your pointing out the
many possibilities to interpret the term 'TEI' in the questions -- I had
the same problem when answering the last question, my answers are
actually assumption-heavy but I didn't dare add the assumptions I was
making to the already lengthy replies.

And I fully understand the resistance to join the two bodies, but maybe
we should have a critical look at both types of arguments. One more
"argument from inconvenience" against creating the Boarcil (sounds
horrible, eh? ;-)) is the question of who's the boss then... But I'm not
sure whether this is a real issue. Similarly, I'm not really sure if
James's claim that by creating the asymmetric Boarcil we are actually
re-creating the Board and the Council. This isn't fully true, given e.g.
the travel cost calculation for people who would like to do both jobs.

I also think that James's argument from the Council being equivalent to
a standards body and thus requiring commitment on the part of the
delegating institution is interesting, but I'm not sure it is fully
right. What if someone transfers from one institution to another during
term (as has happened to many and will happen to many as well). Bad
luck? (or, in my case, good luck? But I wouldn't be able to stand for
election then, even if I had known that I was eventually going to move
to Germany).

Lots of stuff to think about, and to get corrected about, really. It's a
waste to just hang it on the wall.



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