[tei-council] Amelia's proposal for better namespace practice

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Tue Sep 20 05:39:50 EDT 2011

Here's the generative part of the cycle of creation that happens after
the analysis has been done and all hairs got pulled out: a suggestion
for better practice that might lead to established practice one day,
that Amelia A. Lewis made recently at xml-dev:


Subject:  giving xml a colonic: re-opening (or re-opining on) an old
From:	Amelia A Lewis (amyz... at talsever.com)
Date:	Sep 9, 2011 8:16:45 pm
List:	org.xml.lists.xml-dev

(longish but clear and enjoyable)

This is something we might discuss applying at least at the level of
TEI-C official ODDs and chs 22,23 (at the level of the general
Guidelines, I don't know, it could be hard; but it could be a P6 thing,
if the community accepts it).

If someone asks what it would buy us locally, I'd say mostly verbosity
and inflation of size. But on a more general plane, it might give us the
TEI's participation in moving XML forward, again, which sounds kind of
cool. Especially when influential people are still not afraid to ask
"Eh? TEI? Is that still alive?".

Striving to think forward,


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