[tei-council] update from the TEI Tite task force: comments on 2 tickets by October 1

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Mon Sep 19 12:25:53 EDT 2011

On 19/09/11 16:35, James Cummings wrote:

> Partly (not to try and influence answers to John Unsworth's
> question 6d), I am highly resistant to Tite becoming seen as
> being what the TEI is about. I agree that it is great for
> streamlined production in a mass-digitization environment, but
> firmly believe that it should *never* see the light of day. i.e.
> that it should always be transformed, almost immediately,
> internally to the project and only ever proper TEI exposed to
> anyone outside the project.

Hear hear. Not least because of its lack of a TEI Header -- which makes 
it arguably non-TEI-conformant anyway.

> As a side note, I've hypocritically just done something similar
> myself with a byte-reduced schema called tei_corset.  This is for
> a vendor who for some inane reason is charging per kilobyte of
> output yet doesn't mind working to a highly compressed schema.
> Hence in the tei_corset ODD<name>  becomes<n>  and @rend becomes
> @r and @type @t and<div>  <d>  etc.

Fascinating. You could also have just turned each element name into a 
single Unicode character of course! Is the ODD online?

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