[tei-council] update from the TEI Tite task force: comments on 2 tickets by October 1

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Sun Sep 18 14:24:56 EDT 2011

Hello everyone,

Here's an update on the work of the task force that Laurent charged with 
aligning the TEI Tite schema maintained by Council (and hosted on 
tei-c.org) with that in use by Apex CoVantage in the AccessTEI program. 
  Recall that the task force members are:

* Perry Trolard (author of Tite and representative of the Mellon-funded 
project that created Tite)
* Greg Spurlock (of Apex CoVantage)
* Kevin Hawkins (of the TEI Council)

I've copied Perry and Greg on this message for their information, but 
please remember that they won't receive messages sent only to 
tei-council and likewise can't post to the list themselves.

= What has happened so far =

Lou rewrote the Tite ODD so that it excludes rather than deletes 
elements.  Furthermore, we have fixed a number of obvious errors in Tite 
which were noticed as AccessTEI was established but which never got made 
in SourceForge.

That is, the following ticket have been implemented:

a) rewriting ODD and removing a bunch of unnecessary elements and 


b) adding <handShift/>:


In addition, I added some context to the introduction of Tite, 
copyedited the appendix comparing it to the Best Practices for TEI in 
Libraries, and updated <docDate> to reflect all of the major changes 
made since May 2009:



= What's next =

*I would like Council members to revisit these two tickets*:

c) adding <add> and <del>:


d) adding @facs to <pb/>:


For (c) and (d), apparently Lou produced some notes in February 2010 
that provide the basis for changes to the prose to accompany these 
schema changes.  If someone can find these, we will save ourselves time 
in redoing this work.

Since Laurent's general mode of operation in Council is that we should 
ask for objections to proposals and otherwise implement them, please 
make the comments in these tickets before 1 October; otherwise, I will 
implement these, which will bring the two versions of Tite into near 
perfect alignment.

= Additional changes to make =

The other bug reports and feature requests in the Tite category 
SourceForge are about things that I detected in both canonical Tite on 
tei-c.org and in the Apex Tite documentation.  I'd like to continue 
postponing action on these until we've acted on the things above.



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