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Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Fri Sep 16 06:34:25 EDT 2011

> in fact, any mirror of TEI material that didn't link back to TEI
> would be pointless and useless.

I know of a service useless for its advertised purpose (being an online
dictionary) that is parasitic on one of the projects that I'm involved
in, i.e., it has the same domain name, except for the suffix (.com), is
nicely positioned in search engines, and offers what we offered some 10
years ago, plus ads. Fortunately, they can't mirror the original
project, possibly because its web pages are copyrighted.

What I'm driving at is that we needn't necessarily be happy with those
50 sites mirroring tei-c.org and, possibly, serving pop-ups,
click-jacking, and whatever fancy stuff they can do to viewers these days.

I hope we can count on some decent mirrors appearing here and there, and
I see completely nothing wrong, and in fact something beneficial in, the
clause "may not be reproduced without permission" that David suggests.
Even if they point back to the Source, they may e.g. try to do nasty
things to the viewers, or to the TEI's reputation (pop-ups, etc.). Being
able to give and withdraw permission for mirroring seems a good thing
that doesn't cost much effort. It may also serve as a nice way to
'bless' one service or another.



On 14/09/11 17:31, Martin Holmes wrote:
> On 11-09-14 05:59 AM, David Sewell wrote:
>> I'd just like to make a request/suggestion regarding copyright/licensing
>> of the website in general.
>> I think we should not implement any license that would make it possible
>> for someone legally to, for example, copy all or most of www.tei-c.org
>> to another host and mirror it with or without changes, with no
>> permission from us. At the moment, most of the Web pages are protected
>> by copyright (under US law at any rate), even though they do not bear a
>> formal copyright statement.
> I think if there are 50 sites all mirroring TEI material (as there are 
> many, many sites mirroring various versions of the Guidelines already), 
> then that's good for us. It would be of no benefit for anyone to mirror 
> our content unless they were adding something useful to it (in which 
> case, great), or they had found a way to make money from it (in which 
> case, great, because that implies adding something that's worth paying 
> for). Anyone can find their way back to The Source at tei-c.org with 
> ease -- in fact, any mirror of TEI material that didn't link back to TEI 
> would be pointless and useless.
> It occurred to me to look at W3C practice with their standards. Their 
> documents carry this:
> <q>
> Copyright © 2008 W3C® (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved. W3C 
> liability, trademark and document use rules apply."
> and their document use rules include this:
> "By using and/or copying this document, or the W3C document from which 
> this statement is linked, you (the licensee) agree that you have read, 
> understood, and will comply with the following terms and conditions:
> Permission to copy, and distribute the contents of this document, or the 
> W3C document from which this statement is linked, in any medium for any 
> purpose and without fee or royalty is hereby granted, provided that you 
> include the following on ALL copies of the document, or portions 
> thereof, that you use:
>      A link or URL to the original W3C document.
>      The pre-existing copyright notice of the original author, or if it 
> doesn't exist, a notice (hypertext is preferred, but a textual 
> representation is permitted) of the form: "Copyright © 
> [$date-of-document] World Wide Web Consortium, (Massachusetts Institute 
> of Technology, European Research Consortium for Informatics and 
> Mathematics, Keio University). All Rights Reserved. 
> http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/2002/copyright-documents-20021231"
>      If it exists, the STATUS of the W3C document.
> When space permits, inclusion of the full text of this NOTICE should be 
> provided. We request that authorship attribution be provided in any 
> software, documents, or other items or products that you create pursuant 
> to the implementation of the contents of this document, or any portion 
> thereof.
> </q>
> <bibl>http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/2002/copyright-documents-20021231</bibl>
> This might be a model worth looking at.
> Cheers,
> Martin
>> It would make sense to me to have a small general copyright statement on
>> the home page to the effect that "Unless otherwise indicated, content on
>> this website is copyright © The Text Encoding Initiative and may not be
>> reproduced without permission. Content in certain sections of the site
>> is subject to specific licensing; see page footers for details."

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