[tei-council] P5 1.10?

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Thu Sep 15 11:58:07 EDT 2011

Just to be clear, Elena, are you saying that if we
(a) name the elephant sourceDocument
(b) name "layer" changeSet
then you would be comfortable with the idea of opening the document up 
for more discussion?

On 15/09/11 15:46, Pierazzo, Elena wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Sorry for my silence but as it happens I'm just back from Paris where I
> was discussing the draft at the ITEM (for the non initiated: the ITEM is
> where genetic editing has been invented). My feeling (and theirs) is there
> is the need of more tuning before we can include this into the TEI. There
> are still a few grey zones, so I'm not sure that in Paris we will be able
> to finalise it. I also know I promised to come back with detailed
> feedback: I haven't forgotten, it is just that I'm drowning theses days.
> I'll do it as fast as I can. By the way, you might be interested in
> knowing that I have not been nominated (nor I have nominated myself) to
> run for the Council at next elections, so I will try to give as feedback
> much as I can before december and will follow the discussion on the TEI-L
> or on Sourceforge after that.
> I have been in favour to hold the gn a bit longer within the Council, this
> until we fix a couple of major points:
> -<sourceDocument>/<elephant>
> -<layer>/<changeSet>
> After that I think we need to open the discussion.
> On the other hand, I think the discussion for the music stuff is advanced
> enough to make into the next release and perhaps P5 2.0 is justified?
> E
> On 13/09/2011 21:42, "Sebastian Rahtz"<sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk>
> wrote:
>> On 13 Sep 2011, at 21:37, Lou Burnard wrote:
>>> Not so.  There are, believe it or not, some experts in this particular
>>> domain who did not have a hand in either draft. I have met some --
>>> indeed was talking to two of them only last week. (They expressed,
>>> fwiw,
>>> astonishment that the current draft doesn't say anything about how you
>>> represent the size of the writing in a particular zone)
>> ah well, if thats so, then we're in a for a long haul.
>>> Elena?
>> Pierazzo. I thought she had been promoting this at all possible events?
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