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Just to make things explicit. One of my objectives here is also to make sure that the licensing scheme is easy to understand. Does this apply to BSD? I may be ready to by CC0...

Le 13 sept. 2011 à 14:45, Piotr Bański a écrit :

> On 13/09/11 14:26, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> OK. What I meant is that, if I have understood the situation correctly, it was not necessarily planned to have this GPL constraints on some of our TEI productions. 
> The description of what you call GPL constraints as "viral" comes, as
> far as I barely recall, from some Microsoft spokesman. He was very
> successful -- this is a strong meme, people catch it unawares. It's very
> cunning: it reverses the imagery, from a means to keep stuff free to a
> picture where that strategy acquires evil/dangerous connotations, and of
> course the meme cleverly plays on the right to possess and to draw
> income, although the license actually doesn't prevent either.
>> Could you explain in which way CC-BY is incompatible with GPL? (I have difficulties to grasp why claiming attribution is a problem)
> I don't think that just claiming attribution is a problem, the devil
> must hide in the extra prose, because the BSD licenses also retain the
> claim to attribution, and are OK with the GPL:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_licenses
> So I'd rather leave the full answer to your question to the professional
> lawyers who have made these claims. Apart from the links cited, there is
> also a CC FAQ, straight from the Creative Commons guys, and they
> probably are not lying:
> http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Frequently_Asked_Questions#Can_I_use_a_Creative_Commons_license_for_software.3F
> "(...) Furthermore, our licenses are not
> compatible with the GPL, the most frequently used free software license.
> Note that the CC0 Public Domain Dedication is GPL-compatible and
> acceptable for software. For details, see the relevant CC0 FAQ entry. "
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