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Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Tue Sep 13 08:26:52 EDT 2011

OK. What I meant is that, if I have understood the situation correctly, it was not necessarily planned to have this GPL constraints on some of our TEI productions. 
Could you explain in which way CC-BY is incompatible with GPL? (I have difficulties to grasp why claiming attribution is a problem)

Le 13 sept. 2011 à 14:24, Piotr Bański a écrit :

> On 13/09/11 14:08, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> I have felt that voices expressed so far (or unexpressed like me)
>> would not go that far. And giving up attribution does not bring any
>> flexibility, just removes our claim that we want to be cited. I've
>> understood that the reference to GPL is somehow a mistake, so we
>> should not bother too much. I'm trying to see whether we can converge
>> at this stage. Are you saying you feel strongly indecisive?
> I don't understand your questions, probably missing some of the
> assumptions(?) Reference to GPL is a mistake?? I don't get that, GPL is
> the most popular free/open software license, partly relying on the idea
> that if people donate their time and skills to an open project, they
> expect that project to remain open (not "to remain costless" but to
> remain open). So far, the TEI has been compatible with GPL-ed projects,
> am I to understand that we're going to become CC BY "good for art and
> entertainment works, and educational works"?
> "Strongly indecisive"?? :-) No, I'm saying that if we want to give up
> the copyright then CC0 makes sense, and if we want to retain it then
> *BSD makes sense, both of them having the potential to be included in
> closed projects (as is CC BY), but at least both of them being
> compatible with the GPL (as CC BY is not).
>  P.
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