[tei-council] code vs. wiki licensing

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Mon Sep 12 12:34:26 EDT 2011

Speaking of sensible licensing, let me point out (with thanks to Syd
Bauman, who has raised this issue on another mailing list), that the
current system, whereby XSLT/XQuery code submitted to the wiki ends up
obligatorily licensed under an early version of the GNU Free
*Documentation* License, makes very little sense.

I admit I feel partially responsible for this, because I was among those
who promoted the use of the TEIWiki for the purpose of storing code, a
few years ago, but some issues have become very obvious since then:

* wiki is not a revision-control system for code;

* wiki is not even a good display system for code (some stuff has to be
escaped because of wiki requirements, there is no syntax highlighting);

* whether the submitter specifies the license or not, the code ends up
licensed under GFDL.

A way out could be to provide SVN space for the code, and restrict the
wiki to document that, as it does for the other tools.



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