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Bothers me, the sentence which says the board dismissed it's chair. It didn't, it simply did not pass a vote of confidence. MM did not have to resign. This does nt affect the tone of the message, but it should probabk be correct. "sudden action of a subset of the board in effectively forcing the chair to resign" ?

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On 17 Aug 2011, at 19:39, "James Cummings" <James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk> wrote:

> On 17/08/11 18:24, Brett Barney wrote:
>> It is hoped that the TEI Board will consider the issues he raised as it
>> moves forward.
> With that change it comes to:
> ===
> 1) The TEI Technical Council continues to function and wants to get on
> with its job of improving and openly maintaining the Guidelines and
> associated systems and resources on behalf of the TEI Community.
> 2) The TEI Technical Council is shocked and saddened by the sudden
> actions of the TEI Board in dismissing its chair and the implications
> this may have for the ability of the TEI Board to work effectively as
> representatives of the TEI Community.
> 3) The TEI Technical Council desires a greater transparency and
> accountability in TEI Board activities, notwithstanding the minutes of
> meetings it already publishes. Council calls for reforms that introduce
> mechanisms to make TEI Board activities more transparent and built on
> greater consultation with the TEI Community.
> 4) The TEI Technical Council believes that the events announced by the
> TEI Board on 15 August 2011, pending greater explanation, have caused
> real harm to the TEI Consortium and wish to know the Board's plans for
> restoring the Consortium's reputation and good standing in the
> community.
> 5) The TEI Technical Council appreciated the willingness of the outgoing 
> chair to provide a vision for the TEI that could have contributed to 
> reforming the TEI Consortium as an organisation. It is hoped that the 
> TEI Board will consider the issues he raised as it moves forward.
> ===
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