[tei-council] [TEI-L] Changes on the TEI Board (fwd)

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Mon Aug 15 17:11:16 EDT 2011

I can join a telco on weds at 15h. if I am allowed.

Maybe this would be an opportunity to test out G+ hangouts if skype 
isn't up to it.

WRT Sebastian's reminder that the Council has work to do, I hope to be 
able to announce by then that I have a draft set of revisions to the 
Guidelines derived from the Genetic Editing work group's proposals to 
put before it. Working on that is what's keeping me relatively sane this 

On 15/08/11 21:13, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Sorry, I am on holiday until 19th, can't make a telco.
> Personally I would like to get Council own business back on track by sorting out the procedure, date and content of next release. Let's show community we are in business as normal.
> Is Martin M still on this list? I am really keen to get his views on this nonsense
> Carved in stone on my iPad
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