[tei-council] obstructed elements in SVN

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Fri Jul 15 14:10:56 EDT 2011

Update: all of them have the svn:special property set, so would that
mean that my client (mostly Syncro SVN from oXygen) is not able to
interpret them properly?



On 07/15/2011 08:06 PM, Piotr Bański wrote:
> Hi,
> has anyone else experienced obstructed elements in the SVN checkout?
> I can't seem to get rid of them, and they prevent me from doing full
> updates, I have to jump from directory to directory in order to get the
> newest stuff.
> Below is the output of 'svn status', after I've made the oddschemas in a
> completely fresh checkout.
> TIA,
>   P.

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