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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
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(with apologies for the problems if including Raffaele in the loop, but lets persist for now)

> I think it's closer to figure than formula. The thing is that, as far as
> I can tell, one can encounter music notation at all levels.
> At phrase level: e.g. a rhythmic pattern with few music symbols in a
> sentence. See http://www.tei-c.org/SIG/Music/twm/index.html#twm05.2-inline
> At paragraph level: e.g. music notation between paragraphs in a manuscript
> At a division level: e.g. examples of music notation between chapters,
> or articles in a journal (think of those books that put all figures - or
> music notation examples if it's the right kind of literature) in a
> section of the book printed on heavier paper.
> At other levels in text such as an opening or closing of a letter, a
> front matter, etc.

I don't buy this argument, because it applies equally to <graphic>
and to <formula>. I agree that the music is both phrase level and paragraph
level, but I am wary of  "music notation between chapters", as that
gets into issues around <div> tesselation, and the long-standing
argument about "why cant I have a <p> in between <div>".  

The opening and closing of letter, etc, are covered by normal mechanisms.

So I don't really accept that music is anything different from the other
types of text and pictures and (eg) math.

> We chose <desc> to avoid creating a new element like musicDesc. Its
> purpose would be to describe what the music notation is to a human
> reading the code. An application could use it as fallback if any other
> representations are missing/not render-able.
> When the description is on the source text like a caption or a head,
> then we believe that the musicNotation is in fact within a figure.

ok, fine, understood there, and I agree.

I seem to recall another discussion about mimeType on <ptr>
going into a black hole, does anyone recall the context?

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