[tei-council] Update on progress with Jenkins2

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Fri May 6 16:22:18 EDT 2011

Hi all,

As you'll remember, I came away from the Council meeting in April with 
the task of creating a clone of Sebastian's wonderful Jenkins server, 
along with detailed records of how to do it, and if possible scripts to 
automate it. With Sebastian's incredibly patient help, I've been making 
quite a bit of progress doing this in a VM in VirtualBox on my desktop 
-- you can see the gory details on our blog:


(Read posts from the bottom up to see them in sequence.)

The position we're at now is that I have a working server with Jenkins 
running, and I have all the TEI jobs configured. The Roma and P5-Tests 
jobs have both completed successfully; the Stylesheets job is suffering 
from an oXygen-related error that we haven't been able to pin down yet; 
and the other two are broken because of a font issue in the scripts that 
build the PDF of the Guidelines (a font called Han Nom is used, and I'm 
not yet sure of the best source for that font, which isn't available in 
Ubuntu repos).

So we're close. Once it's all working, I'll write it up in the form of 
detailed instructions, and also provide some scripts to automate as much 
of it as possible, and we'll test the scripts by using them to build 
another VM to run permanently on our VM server under VMWare.

Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
(mholmes at uvic.ca)

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