[tei-council] demonstrating activity on SourceForge on the TEI website

stuart yeates stuart.yeates at vuw.ac.nz
Thu Apr 14 17:43:10 EDT 2011

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On 14/04/11 05:51, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
> Sorry, correct link:
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3286093&group_id=106328&atid=644065
> On 4/13/11 1:38 PM, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
>> After further discussion over lunch, this is ow in SF for James and
>> David to implement:
>> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=106328&atid=644065
>> On 4/13/11 10:54 AM, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
>>> Further to our discussion in person this morning, where Elena stressed
>>> the need to do publicity and Piotr said we should demonstrate activity
>>> on SourceForge when possible, I wonder whether we could add embedded
>>> feeds (like we have for TEI news) on the TEI homepage for changes to the
>>> SF tracker:
>>> http://sourceforge.net/api/artifact/index/tracker-id/644062/limit/1000/rss
>>> http://sourceforge.net/api/artifact/index/tracker-id/644065/limit/1000/rss
>>> Perhaps these could go at the bottom of the homepage, with the latest
>>> three changes in each feed dynamically presented on the homepage using
>>> FeedBurner or another such tool for embedding a feed?
>>> Do people feel this would clutter the homepage too much?
>>> --Kevin
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