[tei-council] Quick question about a bit on the Council FAQ

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Thu Apr 14 17:42:21 EDT 2011

Good catch.

According to the page history, that was written by user "Lou" in 2006, 
which was back when the TEI still had two editors.  Since we haven't had 
them since 2007, that no longer applies.  I removed that sentence 
entirely since it seems that Council is moving towards opening up 
editing to all sorts of SourceForge users, not just those in an 
"editorial support group" designated by a host/partner institution and 
not just Council members.

So this means we will also need to revisit other mentions in the FAQ of 
the editorial support group.  But let's see what the Board decides to do 
with the hosts/partners.


On 4/13/2011 6:19 PM, Brett Barney wrote:
> All,
> Am I right in thinking that in the section "And what does it do?" the word
> "editors" should read "editorial support group"? I'd like to make this
> right, but I'm hesitant to change it because I'm not that sure that I'm
> right.
> Thanks,
> Brett
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