[tei-council] TEI-Notify list

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Thu Apr 14 12:32:51 EDT 2011

Dear All,

The way to subscribe to the Notify list is by going to


and making sure that if you have a sourceforge user account, you put
your sourceforge address in the appropriate box -- to save Lou's time as
the list maintainer (the automated commit notifications come as if from
your sourceforge address, and the list is set to only receive e-mails
from registered addresses[*], so if you commit and are not registered
with your SF user address, Lou will have to allow those messages
individually, by hand).

[*] why it now allows 'subscribe' e-mails from unregistered addresses is
nearly beyond my comprehension, unless Lou decided to open it for the
duration of his flight, so that messages requiring maintainer
intervention don't pile up while he's in the air. But those of us who
sent those e-mails: please use the above link to register, otherwise it
won't work for you (you've mailed the list address).



PS. (yes, this info should get into the wiki, some day, sigh)

On 13.04.2011 21:48, Lou Burnard wrote:
> If you want to receive an email telling you every time a new change is 
> made in the TEI subversion repository, just subscribe to the new 
> tei-notify at lists.sourceforge.net list. If you just want to see the 
> emails, you can use any email address.
> If however you are also planning to commit changes, please make sure 
> that you subcribe *using your sourceforge email address*

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