[tei-council] identifying tickets

Stuart Yeates stuart.yeates at vuw.ac.nz
Wed Apr 13 04:51:38 EDT 2011

> Does it qualify for Mr. Jenkins to regenerate every X minutes, by any
> chance?

There's no technical reason why it shouldn't, but this won't be useful 
unless those current builds are published on the web somewhere (are 
they?). If it's being run like that I probably need to spend some time 
ensuring that my wget arguments are cache-friendly. Also 
incorporating some of the feedback I've had.

> And, Stuart, you might want to donate this to SF, actually (I mean,
> under the GPL, possibly as an SF project). Or at least let them know it
> exists. That could possibly mean +5 to Charisma for the TEI.

I have no problem with that. If Jenkins is running this code the easiest 
place to put the XSLT is in the TEI sourceforge svn repository anyway. 
Maybe Sebastian has a hint where this might fit within the TEI 
sourceforge svn repository?


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