[tei-council] face-to-face next week

stuart yeates stuart.yeates at vuw.ac.nz
Fri Apr 8 00:02:36 EDT 2011

Due to a failure of organisation on my part, it looks like I will not be 
at the meeting next week, alas.

It turns out that what I thought was a flight reservation was actually a 

Booking now, is of course prohibitively expensive.


Over the weekend I will review all the amber and red tickets on Lou's 
triage page to give feedback that I can't give face-to-face.

I also have notes prepared for four issues which I was going to discuss 
in person:

* Use of <gen> for features which are only gender-like
* Copyright issues and recovery
* Translations, bi-lingual texts, commentary and @corresp
* Retrospective naming of documents

I will write these up as time permits.

Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services http://www.victoria.ac.nz/library/

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