[tei-council] Green for Go

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Thu Mar 31 09:23:25 EDT 2011

Existing Council members will be aware of the way we categorise SF 
tracker items as "green" (ready for action) "amber" (in need of 
discussion) or "red" (not yet ready for discussion).

I have been looking through and characterising all the outstanding 
tracker items in the sourceforge repository. You can see the results of 
my initial triage at 

To make the best use of our ftf time in Chicago, I'd like to suggest 
that we spend most of it looking at the oustanding amber issues, and I 
will post a further note about those in due course.

To begin with, however, I would like to request that all Council members 
take a quick look at the outstanding GREEN issues, and comment quickly 
if they don't agree with the proposed actions indicated. In some (a few) 
cases, the ticket needs some additional input, e.g. some examples, and 
suggestions for those would also be much appreciated.

If we can agree on these GREEN issues quickly (maybe by next week?) I 
will post another message proposing some agenda items for Chicago 
derived from the amber ones.

Here's a quick reminder list of the outstanding GREENs:

3193507	data.code is defined as xsd:anyURI 2011-02-26
3080658	definition of 'entry'	2010-10-04
3064182	Check desc of all xs:anyURI atts for in-doc restrictions 2010-09-11
3210946	examples for digital facsimile	2011-03-14
3190122	att.typed for gramGrp  2011-02-23
3064014	provide suggested values for rs at type 2010-09-11	
3051750	choice of schema language when using the TEI 2010-08-23	
3046288	allow f to contain pcdata
3041605	update list of Council members	 2010-08-08

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