[tei-council] Piwik at Sourceforge

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Wed Mar 23 08:03:50 EDT 2011


Please have a look at Peter Stadler's suggestion of going more in the
direction of open source, as far as the choice of statistics-related
packages is concerned, rather than relying on Google Analytics (which I
always keep blocked in my browsers, btw.).


Piwik can be opened as a Hosted App, I did that in all my Sourceforge
projects, and while I'm not a particular Peeker, I do peek there from
time to time and find Piwik incredibly clever and versatile, worth
supporting by all means.

And it's a long shot, but if someone wanted to use the actual data from
Piwik in their projects, a TEI export plugin is a possibility.

(But the short-term suggestion is trivial: open Piwik as a Hosted App at
SF, and make it readable to the public, so that people can see what it
looks like and decide if they want to adopt it for their TEI-based
projects rather than Google Analytics.)


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