[tei-council] looking for TEI gray literature in need of encoding

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Thu Mar 10 17:45:42 EST 2011


The Department of English Language & Literature at the University of 
Michigan is actively seeking internship opportunities for their 
undergraduate students, so the University Library agreed to allow me to 
pay an intern who will encode gray literature from the TEI Consortium 
that needs archiving on the TEI website.  That is, the Council, SIGs, 
and other working groups occasionally find that they produce minutes, 
reports, and other documents scattered in various places, and while many 
of these groups have moved to using wiki.tei-c.org instead of 
www.tei-c.org for convenience of creating and editing, there may be 
cases where it would be more appropriate to have a fixed TEI version of 
a document for safekeeping on www.tei-c.org, uet nobody has the time to 
encode these documents in TEI.

The intern begins this Friday and will work on this part-time through 
the end of April or until we run out documents wanting to be encoded.  I 
already have one document for her to start on -- the TEI Council meeting 
minutes from Dublin -- but am looking for others.

I'm asking Council for other such documents before going to SIGs or to 
TEI-L since I think it's fair to say that it's important for the TEI 
Consortium to have a record of Council decisions all in one place (and 
not fragmented, as the record will quickly become).

Martin, if you'd like to share this with the Board as well (in case 
there are Board records in need of encoding), feel free to.

If I get too many requests, I will attempt to prioritize the work in 
case she can't get through everything.



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