[tei-council] mess up over tei_all.xsd

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Hi All,

Laurent if you mean the Genetic stuff, it is not a new chapter as we have discussed during last F2F in Dublin. Most of it will fit within Representation of primary sources, others in TextCritic (I wish hit had another title). The current document will survive as "application profile", again as per decisions taken in Dublin.

To answer to James, not that I'm aware of. How did you for P% when large chucks of text were added?

On 2 Mar 2011, at 16:53, Laurent Romary wrote:

> An importnat point. When such a prose comes, this is the  
> responsability of the council to review and see how much we edit. The  
> actual procedure really depends on the kind of prose and its  
> contemplated status in the guidelines (e.g. do we really speak of a  
> brand new chapter here?)
> Le 2 mars 11 à 16:03, James Cummings a écrit :
>> What I'm not sure of are the general criteria and/or process by
>> which we adopt the a large submission of prose and changes into
>> the TEI Guidelines?  I.e. We have a system for adopting schema
>> changes, but what set of steps do we want to go through when
>> adopting prose that someone else has written. (Even if in this
>> case it has the hand of people like Lou and Elena on it, what
>> should the general process be? Or should there be one?)
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