[tei-council] Tite ticket - pb at facs

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Thu Feb 24 16:43:06 EST 2011

> I've made a couple trial-and-error tests on this but everything I
> try so far ends up giving @facs as well to the Tite-specific
> elements like<ul>  ...  I must be missing something though.  I
> think it is because if I include att.global.facs then everything
> that is specified in the ODD as being changed to get att.global
> (i.e. new elements) but this doesn't seem to happen with the
> unmodified elements.  I've probably just confused myself.
> Suggestions on how this *should* work?

I think I have made this work using a new-style ODD. It needs to include 
at least the following:

<moduleRef key="transcr" include="att.global.facs"/>

<elementSpec ident="pb" mode="change" module="core">
<memberOf key="att.global.facs"/>
<memberOf key="model.milestoneLike"/>
<!-- and possibly some other classes -->

however I havent tested it very much

Incidentally, in the process, I hacked together a new style version of 
the TITE ODD. Needs a bit more tweaking to get rid of some unwanted 
attribute classes, but it's nearly there.

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