[tei-council] Ongoing configuration for council work

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Feb 18 07:37:59 EST 2011

Of course, Laurent rightly castigates me on this for being obsessed with parliamentary procedures and rules and losing sight of the
actual object.

Let's be concrete here. What we need is to write (or resurrect/summarize from old documents :-}) a new document about  TEI editorial workflow, which any member new or old can refer to and get an  unequivocal  answer to questions like: 

 - how do I get write access to the TEI sources
 - how do I add a new elementSpec 
 - where are the multilingual descs kept
 - what is the naming convention
 - where and how to add a new example
 - when to change the version number
 - how do I make a new release

how do we get there from here?

of course Laurent can add Lou as non-voting advisory staff to Council to make this possible, 
he doesn't need to ask for debate[1] here about it.

[1] if you ask for debate when I'm listening, you'll get it. better not to ask.
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